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No Sleep Stamps Will Eat Me by bizarrostamps No Sleep Stamps Will Eat Me by bizarrostamps
Obsessed with stamps much? Or is it the stamps which are obsessed with you?

(Couldn't fit the whole title in the DA title bar... /cry.)


For those of you who want to come in here and argue about this stamp because you are bored/minus a life, please refer to the brand new stamp we have made JUST FOR YOU!


Here's the one we had never seen before making ours that we supposedly "stole" according to some random DA-er in the comments below: [link]

Yes, it has a completely different version of the same phrase and yes it uses red too, but it isn't STOLEN. Ours. Is. Different. PERIOD. The background scheme is completely different, the line is different, the colors aren't even the same (dark red and black grunge versus light red and white animated are those the same???).

PS - The copyright to this "tagline" (is there even one for taglines that aren't in direct reference to a specific business?) doesn't belong to the other stamp owner either as it was used on a shirt in Hot Topic and numerous bumper stickers in reference to clowns and/or robots. We have used it to make a play on words involving stamps on DA. NOT THE SAME. Same is when you do something that's exactly the same. Twins are the same. Two photographs of the same tree at the same time of day are the same.

This isn't. Similar, yes. Same, no.


OH SNAPS! NOW ours is a shade of BLUE instead!!! HOLY CRAP!



SO, who is the supposed "art thief" out of these four stamps???





HOW ABOUT NO ONE because they are all different takes and no one owns a play-on-words line about homophobia???


At least our line was different...but feel free to keep bitching at us anyway if you are that f'n bored. If you send one more loser in here to defend your idiocy, we'll be turning off the comments section. OMG! Then what would you do for fun? :roll:

FINAL UPDATE: The Epilogue

The guy who made the other stamp thinks our stamp is ace! SO NAH NE NAH NE BOO BOO.

(Yes, we're really that immature about it.)

(PPPPPPPPPPPPPS - Please use all of our stamps. It makes them happy.)
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May 21, 2008
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